Most people dread even thinking about moving, especially when it is time to look for a furniture removals company. Sure it is a new and exhilarating experience, but it usually feels like the things you have to do is never ending. Here are a few things to do before moving out and before you moving in.


First, compare quotes and prices before deciding on a long distance moving companies. While comparing make sure to read the reviews for each company. When you decided on a moving company contact them as soon as possible before they are fully booked.

Donate, sell or trash

Before or during packing, make 3 categories for your unwanted things : SELL – DONATE – TRASH. If you hesitate, get rid of it.


The easiest and most popular place to find boxes is in the alley of a shopping mall or behind the grocery store. These boxes, however, are low quality and won’t guarantee the safety of your belongings. Buy some professional moving supplies.pretoria furniture removalists

Stop Utilities

Arrange to cut off your utility services for the day after the move.


Create a box with all the things you will need immediately after moving in. This will be your cutlery, soap, light bulbs, first-aid kit etc.

Change address

Submit a change of address form at the post office or you can do it online for $1.05 at USPS.


Inform financial institutions of your move and make sure your credit limit is enough to cover all the moving costs.


Before unpacking in the new house, CLEAN! From every corner to doorknobs, carpets and cabinets. Artikel-7-vid.htm


If painting is necessary or you want to change the colors, do it before all your belongings arrive.


If you have a specific system in mind for closets and storage make sure you have everything to do so before you unload and unpack.


Call the utility companies and set up everything you need. Arrange this in advance so they can set up everything without boxes or furniture in their way.

Change the locks

Just to be safe, but only if you are not the first owner of the house.


Take your kids on a tour of the local schools. Decide on a school and enroll your children even if it might seem too early. It will be one less thing to stress about.

Go for a drive

Do a little sightseeing around the new neighborhood and get familiar with the area.

Hopefully, these few things will help you to remember everything. Good luck and enjoy turning your new house into a home with the help of a professional moving company.

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