So you want to install an irrigation system, but don’t know the first thing about it. This article will help you achieve a basic understanding of standard irrigation and the different parts it involves.

There are two types of Irrigation Systems:

The Metered Water System – Water is distributed through a fixed system and is usually connected to existing water lines in a house. The water is measured, and you will pay according to monthly usage.

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The Pump System – Water is pumped into an irrigation system from a pond or lake. Besides installation, it will cost nothing.

Next, you will need to know the different components of a standard Irrigation System.

Shutoff Valve: This is just a way to cut off water supply if needed.Irrigation

Backflow Preventer: This prevents contamination of the water and water flowing back into municipal supply.

Main Line: This is pipes that transport water to the main sprinkler. If there is a problem in the main line, it affects the whole irrigation system.

Sprinkler Area: A group of sprinkler heads that work together to guarantee water distribution in a specified area.

Area Lines: The Pipes that transport the water from the main line to each sprinkler.  If there is a problem in these pipes, it only affects a specific area.

Valves: Devices that control water flow.

Heads: It is where the water is finally released from the pipes to the specific irrigated area.

Controller: This is where you can program the system to send a command to the valves to open and close at your chosen time.

The last part you need to know is the different types of heads.

Rotating Head – It works by rotating water over the area. Some are interchangeable and adjustable to suit your needs.

Fixed Spray Head – It sprays water over smaller areas. The distance it sprays can also be adjusted.

For all the people out there who want a beautiful, green garden all year round, but don’t have a clue about irrigation. This is the basics you’ll need to know. Happy gardening!

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